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An HSM’s role in securing digital transformation Luna HSMs

 The foundation of digital trust

Today’s digital world is in a state of flux, with enterprises and governments modernising their businesses, processes and products by implementing faster and frequently changing digital technologies and becoming increasingly dependent on an expanding amount of data. They are optimizing by taking workloads to the cloud, or forging ahead transforming, taking advantage of a wide variety of emerging technologies. Security risks and challenges are also evolving, and change is prevalent in the environments where we work and store our data.

Regardless of the reason, be it to increase customer loyalty, using analytics to make faster, more accurate decisions, or drive business and revenues, this digital journey is opening up more vulnerabilities and areas for a cyber-attack, and sensitive data is at a greater risk than ever before.

The importance of integrity, confidentiality and trust

A strong foundation of digital trust means you are protected without compromising agility, usability or scalability so that you can meet the high demands of industry regulations and audit requirements in addition to achieving your business and revenue goals. Ensuring your cryptographic keys and digital identities are always secure, and establishing integrity, confidentiality and trust between devices, users and data is critical to your business.

The need for a strong foundation

Thales Luna hardware security modules (HSMs) have been protecting businesses and people for decades. Organizations rely on Luna HSMs as their hardware root of trust, providing the following benefits:

  • Strategic Data and Identity Protection. Ensure flexibility, visibility and reduce risk by securing encryption keys, critical data and digital identities wherever they may be while meeting compliance and audit requirements.
  • Strong Security. Protect your critical digital infrastructures with a strong security architecture that is purpose built, certified, and crypto-agile. As an IT security professional, you can secure your data and identities with strong authentication and role separation, and a keys-in-hardware approach
  • Easily install, provision and manage Luna HSMs. In order to meet SLAs and reduce downtime with its streamlined operations. Designed for today’s lights out data centers, they are operationally graceful, reliable and centrally managed.
  • Simplify Integration and development. Quickly secure hundreds of applications with our out-of-the-box technology partner integrations, a wide variety of APIs, flexible deployment options, and superior performance.
  • Root of Trust Emerging Technologies
  • Thales Luna HSMs – The Foundation of Digital Trust

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated Luna HSMs play a critical role in protecting applications using emerging technologies:

  • Post-Quantum Crypto Agility. Futureproof your organization with the flexibility to change protocols, keys and algorithms on the fly, quickly react to cryptographic threats, and enable quantum-safe algorithms today.
  • Internet of Things (IoT). With the expansion of attack surfaces and increased number of end points, you need to ensure your devices and communications are properly secured. IoT relies on a strong root of trust to identity and communicate with all the devices. Implement strong access controls, meet compliance and ensure data integrity by creating secure digital identities for your IoT applications, physically and logically securing encryption keys in Luna HSM’s strong security architecture.
  • Blockchain. Widely used for the financial and IoT industries to create smart contracts, issue crypto currency and protect IoT, it is imperative for the blockchain ledger to have the tightest security. Reduce risk by using high entropy key generation, implementing strong authentication, and generating, storing and managing keys used to sign the blockchain inside the safe confines of the tamper-proof Luna HSM.
  • 5G / mobile. Although 5G is ready to transform industries, it does present risks to an organization such as an increase in entry points for attackers, and a threat to data integrity, availability and confidentiality. Secure 5G data with a hardware root of trust, ensuring protection of the master storage key that encrypts all identities issued to devices; strong entropy; and strict authentication controls.
  • Bring Your Own Key (BYOK). Assume sole control over your encryption keys by creating, managing and storing them securely in a hardware root of trust, and use those same keys in multiple clouds so you aren’t tied to any one cloud service provider and can repatriate or move your data if need be.

Your digital security is dependent on cryptographic keys that encrypt and decrypt data and perform functions such as signing and verifying signatures, so ensuring the integrity of those keys and cryptographic functions within a secure environment establishes trust in your organization and the overall ecosystem.

Thales continuously innovates its high-assurance FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated Luna HSMs to meet evolving security and compliance needs. Rely on Thales Luna HSMs as your root of trust to protect critical IT infrastructure for PKI, code signing. TLS, and database encryption, as well as emerging technologies including IoT, blockchain, and quantum computing. Benefit from a crypto agile environment, data ownership in the cloud, and a true hybrid cloud data protection solution.

Secure your digital transformation with Luna HSMs.

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