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SafeNet GOLD OTP Authenticator with Challenge Response

Thales' SafeNet GOLD

Designed to protect identities and secure access, Thales' SafeNet GOLD authenticator is a highly effective two-factor OTP device that offers the added security of PIN protection and challenge response.

Straightforward to use, yet offering an added layer of security beyond regular one-time passwords, the GOLD is activated with a personal identification number (PIN), which prompts the authenticator to provide a one-time, dynamic password. The user then enters this password into the Web or network application to authenticate their identity.

How GOLD Works

The GOLD authenticator gives online services providers, such as banks, payment portals and brokers/dealers, a highly secure means of offering their customers a protected online environment for carrying out financial transactions and accessing confidential information.

In addition to offering PIN protection, GOLD’s advanced OTP and challenge response capabilities are designed to combat online fraud such as phishing, and help online service providers and banks maintain password integrity by making it more difficult for customers to loose or share passwords. The challenge response mechanism requires users to validate a numeric challenge on their GOLD authenticator. Only after validation, does the GOLD generate an OTP passcode which is used to complete the authentication procedure.

How It Works



Flexible and Scalable Management

The GOLD authenticator is available with the SafeNet Trusted Access enterprise platform. This unique access management platform offers flexibility and scalability, allowing organizations to centrally manage GOLD with other Thales SafeNet authenticators, or add these in the future as business needs grow. STA allows organizations to secure access to all resources and migrate to the cloud.

  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Secure remote access
  • Hardware PIN protection and challenge response
  • Portability
  • Large, user-friendly display
  • Flexible management platforms allow you to expand to advanced certificate-based security applications as your needs evolve
  • Allows organizations to meet regulatory compliance initiatives requiring two-factor authentication
  • Enables the security services and solutions you need:
    • Remote access to online banking portals
    • Remote network access (VPN) to corporate networks
    • Remote access to web-based applications
    • Pre-boot authentication (when used with Check Point’s Full Disk Encryption Suite)



OTP Security Algorithm

X9.9 – Challenge response algorithm
Synchronous – proprietary event-based algorithm

Battery Lifetime

7 years

Operating Temperature

0˚ to 70˚C

Storage Temperature

-30˚ to 80 ˚C

Humidity Tolerance

Up to 100%


Hard molded plastic, tamper evident

Supported Management Platforms

SafeNet Trusted Access

SafeNet Authentication Service PCE/SPE
SafeNet Gold - Product Brief

SafeNet Gold - Product Brief

Designed to protect identities and secure access, SafeNet’s GOLD token is a highly effective two-factor OTP authenticator that offers the added security of PIN protection and challenge response.


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