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Access Management and Authentication Use Cases

Cloud access management solutions have emerged to address organizations becoming increasingly vulnerable to data breaches arising from compromised identities, overhead IT Admin costs and end users password fatigue.

With SafeNet Trusted Access we can enable your enterprise to secure it’s cloud adoption through several key functionalities, such as: setting granular access policies based on application sensitivity, the context of the users login, and improved compliance through visibility into cloud access events.

How can SafeNet Trusted Access help secure your cloud applications?

With Thales’s access management platform you can secure access to cloud applications by setting unique policy controls for your users as well as have a full range of auditing and reporting capabilities all from a single console.  Safenet Trusted Access can help your organization tackle the following use cases:

Smart Single Sign On:  Cloud single sign on (SSO) offers easy access to cloud applications by letting users log in to all their cloud apps with a single identity—a single username and password set. By maintaining just one identity for all cloud apps, Cloud SSO solutions eliminate password fatigue and lower IT management overheads.

Secure Access for Consultants:  An increasingly mobile workforce, the move to cloud-based applications, and the extension of access to consultants and business partners are all blurring the boundaries of the traditional enterprise security perimeter. To keep sensitive data safe while simultaneously enabling workers, organizations need to deploy secure remote access solutions.

Tokenless Authentication: Thales offers many different tokenless authenticators.  Utilizing this solution is a great way to offer your end user both security and convenience.  Prevent hacking attempts and breaches by circumventing the need to provision and ship a physical token.

Privileged Users:  Ensure the right user has access to the right resource at the right level of trust.  Manage application access with policies based on users Executive or C-Suite level within an organization.

Private Cloud Access: SafeNet Authentication Service PCE delivers fully-automated, highly secure authentication-as-a service with flexible token options that are tailored to the unique needs of your organization, substantially reducing the total cost of operation.

SaaS Access: When data and applications move to the cloud, user access—by default —takes place remotely. Organizations therefore have to implement user access controls for enterprise resources residing both in the cloud and within the confines of the data center.

VDI: The growth in the use of virtualized environments—particularly Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions, such as those provided by Citrix, VMware and AWS—alongside the deployment of multiple types of endpoints, such as thin clients and mobile devices, is challenging businesses to overcome the vulnerabilities of fixed passwords and implement a consistent authentication policy to secure access to all online corporate resources.

Compliance: Don't let cloud applications pose a challenge to organizations seeking compliance regulations. Thales’s Authentication and Access Management security solutions are fully compliant with GDPR, HIPPA, EPCS and more.

Customers share how Thales SafeNet Access Management and Authentication Solutions help simplify managing access to their apps, without compromising on security. Explore some of our Success Stories.


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