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The fight against software piracy is one that software publishers and vendors can’t let up on for a moment. But although all forms of software piracy or misuse are damaging to companies that create and publish software, not all software violations are malicious - or even intentional.

This more benign (but no less harmful) type of actions are commonly described not as piracy but as passive software misuse or license non-compliance. Such misuse happens when end users are not fully compliant with the terms laid out in their end-user agreements and is often seen in large or enterprise companies. Instances of software piracy can include a company using the software after the agreement has expired, multiple users sharing a single-license program, or unlicensed features being activated.

But no matter if it’s intentional or not, license non-compliance is a problem - for both suppliers and users. That’s why implementing a compliance management system is so important.

What are the Benefits of Compliance Management Software?

There are many benefits to having the necessary compliance management tools, such as compliance management system software or another software licensing compliance strategy in place.

  • It’s the Law
    • Even unintentional or passive software misuse can result in criminal charges and penalties - as the U.S. army discovered when it installed unlicensed applications in 2013 and got hit with $50 million in penalties. For this reason alone, companies should make sure they put compliance management software at the top of their priority list. Having the right software management system in place removes the risk and danger of inadvertently breaking the law and avoids potential damage to a company - and its reputation.
  • Reduced Costs and Waste
    • Setting up compliance management system software can help companies reduce costs and waste. As soon as a company has more than a handful of employees, knowing which programs and software is installed and used can be complicated to track. A compliance management system makes it easy to see what programs have been bought, which programs are being used, and which software is not being fully used. This makes it simple for companies to reallocate resources when necessary rather than wasting money on software that no one is using, which more than outweighs the costs of putting compliance management tools in place.
  • Increased Information
    • Along with reducing cost, a compliance management system gives companies access to important data and information about the programs and software in use, including renewal dates or changes in license agreements. This gives users important insights into exactly what they are paying for and what’s included. It also helps IT departments or CIOs decide which software to invest in the future.
    • But there’s another benefit: by keeping on top of this information, companies can make sure they comply fully with all user agreements and avoid any fines and penalties if a software vendor decides (as they frequently will) to conduct a surprise license audit.
  • Reduced Busy Work
    • With the right compliance management tools, companies can remove much of the tedious work associated with running software - especially at a large or enterprise business where the volume of licenses makes it a time-consuming process. Putting the right compliance management system in place essentially outsources the job of making sure the company is up-to-date and on top of all their licenses.
  • Increased Security
    • According to a recent survey, 54 percent of CIOs listed lower security risks as the primary reason to ensure their software was fully licensed, which makes compliance management tools a necessity for every business. By knowing which programs are installed, who is using them, and ensuring they are licensed and not pirated, should bring CIOs some comfort. It should also make life easier for employees who will enjoy trouble-free - and hopefully bug-free - software.

Sentinel Compliance Management Solutions

Without putting compliance management tools in place, it can be very difficult for companies - especially the larger ones - to track all of the programs and software they are using.

Sentinel compliance management solutions make it simple for software publishers to enforce the terms of their licensing contracts and service agreements to prevent both malicious and unintentional misuse of their software.

Sentinel EMS offers optimal software licensing compliance. Sentinel EMS is a web-based licensing and entitlement management system that allows software developers and device manufacturers to maximize revenue and streamline their operations.

With its out-of-the-box interfaces for license generation, activation, tracking, reporting, back-office integration, and customer self-service portals, Sentinel EMS enables publishers to track and report on customer compliance and the status of contract and service agreements.

By viewing the status of individual and enterprise accounts to track entitlement status and activity history, publishers can more easily ensure software licensing compliance and improve budget planning.

Sentinel RMS is another effective and user-friendly compliance management system. This licensing solution provides software and technology vendors with control and visibility into how their applications are deployed and used.

RMS focuses on scalable and flexible license management and offers enterprise-grade on-premises license enforcement and cloud-connected benefits. It supports licensing on the feature level for granular control and flexibility as well as a variety of license models.

It’s so easy to put compliance on a back burner, but just a single licensing oversight can cause a company great harm from a legal or a security perspective. To ensure full protection, companies need to make sure they have the right compliance management software in place. This will reduce the risks associated with unlicensed software and also offer important information about how to best manage resources today and in the future.

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