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Luna HSMs – Hybrid, On-Premises and Cloud HSM

Next generation Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provide uncompromised trust across cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments. HSMs safeguard digital identities, applications and sensitive key materials that are used to protect important collaboration tools, document sharing and online transactions. 

Thales Luna HSMs have lead the market for more than 25 years, and are the foundation of digital security for traditional and emerging technologies across all environments, including hybrid, multi-cloud. Affording you the flexibility to meet your business needs and compliance needs securely and efficiently, Thales provides a high assurance, FIPS certified root of trust for any use case, any application, any industry and any environment.

What is a hybrid HSM solution?

Hybrid Luna HSM is the only HSM engineered for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.  A combination of Thales Luna HSMs on-premises and Data Protection on Demand (DPoD) Cloud HSM services, hybrid Luna HSM provides you with the flexibility and convenience to choose the right balance to meet your business and digital security needs.  Hybrid Luna HSMs give you the flexibility to move keys, for cloning and backup and scaling, freely between cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments in a purpose-built hybrid solution.  

How does hybrid Luna HSM work?

Easily deploy and manage Luna HSMs on-premises and Luna Cloud HSMs, automatically sharing key material across both environments.

In addition, hybrid Luna HSM allows seamless integration of more than 400 technology partner applications such as PKI and certificate security through to code signing, as well as securing keys for applications such as CyberArk or TDE databases from Oracle and Microsoft. Naturally the Luna HSM family is fully integrated using industry standard interfaces such as Java, PKCS#11, and more.

Hybrid Luna HSM Services - Cloud Provider

Secure any use case, any application, any industry in any environment

  • Secure - always remain in control of your keys and ultimately your data
  • Operational efficiency for reduced costs - flexibility to move keys freely between cloud and on premises and vice versa
  • Integrated - seamless security for hundreds of use cases across cloud, hybrid and on-premises Luna HSM application integrations
  • Future-proof - crypto-agile, purpose-built hybrid solution

Hybrid-enabled usability

  • Secure Backup - both Luna HSMs (on-premises and cloud) can be used as a backup HSM with automatic key replication
  • Hybrid Root of Trust - migration from Luna HSM on-premises, or cloud provider hosted Luna Cloud HSM services, to DPoD Luna Cloud HSM services and vice versa, with keys flowing securely back and forth between the two
  • Reliability - both Luna HSMs (on-premises and cloud) can be used as a standby in case one HSM becomes unavailable, optimizing performance and maintaining SLAs
  • Scalability – enabling effective workload distribution, both
  • Luna HSMs (on-premises and cloud) can be used for bursting of applications between cloud and on-premises to help with peak performance requirements

Peace of Mind

Rest assured, whether using Luna HSMs on-premises or the DPoD Luna Cloud HSM services, your critical keys are always securely stored in FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified HSMs

View this short video to learn how a hybrid HSM solution provides you flexibility and convenience to choose the right balance to meet your business and digital security needs.

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