Connected car protection and automotive data security

Automotive Data Security Solutions for Connected Car Protection

Win the connected and autonomous car race while protecting data privacy


The protection of connected cars and data privacy have become top priorities for automotive manufacturers and mobility operators. Sensitive data captured from connected vehicles can include personal identifiable information (PII), location, behavior and financial data from customers as well as intellectual property related to the vehicle and services provided.

This sensitive data flows through innumerous environments and platforms, both on-premises and in the cloud, and may be accessed by employees and contractors anywhere in the globe. This honeypot of information puts manufacturers at major risk from cyber attacks.

Win the connected and autonomous car race while protecting data privacy and intellectual property - eBook

eBook: Win the connected and autonomous car race while protecting data privacy

The always-on connectivity, digital experience, and data gathering that make the new connected car experience possible are essential to their new business model. Nevertheless, they create major privacy and data protection vulnerabilities.

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Simplify automotive privacy compliance across Hybrid IT with Ciphertrust Data Security Platform

Accelerate time to compliance by centralizing data discovery, classification, data protection, and unprecedented granular access controls with centralized key management – all on a single platform. Apply policy-based data and access security based on specific regulation requirements such as PCI, GDPR, CCPA, APPI, and more.

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世界的自動車メーカーにおける、 クラウドとレガシーシステム全体の セキュリティとコンプライアンスの改善

世界的自動車メーカーにおける、 クラウドとレガシーシステム全体の セキュリティとコンプライアンスの改善 - Case Study


Secure automotive manufacturing

Long used to robotics and automation, digital transformation is not new to automotive manufacturing. But the next step in digital transformation, focused on IoT, 5G connectivity, and data analytics, present a clear cybersecurity challenge to manufacturers. Thales enables manufacturers with secure manufacturing processes and encryptions keys to IoT connected devices, and to protect sensitive or confidential data in big data, cloud and other environments.

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APACの自動車技術メーカー、 サプライチェーンのセキュリティを デジタル技術で確

APACの自動車技術メーカー、 サプライチェーンのセキュリティを デジタル技術で確保 - Case Study

アジア太平洋地域の複数の自動車メーカーにソリューション を提供している、ある大手自動車技術サプライヤーは、モノの インターネット(IoT)接続デバイスの広範な採用を皮切りに、 大規模なデジタル化のプロセスを進めていました。

Secure access to all environments with identity and access management

Simplify user access to cloud services, streamline cloud identity management, and eliminate password hassles for IT and users, while providing a single pane view of access events across your app estate to ensure that the right user has access to the right application at the right level of trust.

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Connected car security, IoT protection and V2X communications

Organizations need to employ robust, hardened security mechanisms for protecting IoT and connected or autonomous cars. To establish the control and visibility required, your organization needs to institute secure identities, strong authentication, strong encryption, and robust key management.

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自動車用デジタルID: デジタルトラストの構築による利便性の向上 - White Paper

自動車用デジタルID: デジタルトラストの構築による利便性の向上 - White Paper

自動車は、車両内部に搭載された大規模なコンピューティ ングパワーとコネクティビティによって、より多くのデバイ ス、サーバー、アプリ、サービスに接続されるようになりま した。5GやBluetooth、Wi-FiやNFCなど、テクノロジーは多岐 にわたります。しかし、重要なことは、データ交換や取引を 行う前に、接続の向こう側に何があるのか、または誰がい るのかを知ることです。