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Hardlock is a versatile software and data protection system. It is based on a single API structure, which offers the advantage of all hardware modules responding to the same calls. This reduces the effort required for programmers and offers your customers a choice of the protection module, without having to alter your code. The special coding of Hardlock not only complements this versatility, but guarantees the unique coding of the ASIC and memory chips per vendor.  Increase your operational efficiency, improve your customer satisfaction, gain business insights and capture more revenue opportunities today with our products.

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Hardlock Migration Tool

Sentinel is committed to the continued production, technical support and device driver updates of Hardlock. The product has been succeeded by Sentinel HASP HL – a hardware protection key that offers new advanced technologies such as AES encryption, LicenseOnChip, and UpdateOnChip. This platform allows us to support new cutting-edge capabilities that are not possible with Hardlock as a platform. To assist customers in the migration from Hardlock to Sentinel HASP we provide a detailed migration guide available for download from our website, as well as professional services and specialized migration tools if the need arises.

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Hardlock Support & Downloads

This section contains technical documentation, product updates, and knowledge-base resources for owners of Hardlock products.

Top Downloads for Windows

The following driver setups are universal for both Hardlock and HASP and replace the legacy Hardlock and HASP4 installers.
Runtime and Drivers setup (Windows 7 Support) (9.80MB) 
Run-time Command-line Installation (Windows 7 Support) (9.61MB)

Support & Downloads

Hardlock Driver - Legacy
Hardlock Setup Program
To download other Hardlock files

Note to end-users: If any of the solutions offered fail to resolve your issue please contact your software vendor for further support on this matter.

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