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Capture Revenue Opportunities

Generate New Revenue Streams


Offer flexible
business models


Capture revenue opportunties


Minimize revenue leakage

Offer Flexible Business Models

Capture new markets by offering value-added services, subscriptions, and usage data.

Create licenses for any pricing models

Create licenses for any pricing models:
Customize product packages and licensing models to meet customer needs and adapt to evolving market trends.

License products for new markets:
Manage licensing for products across any direct or indirect distribution channel.

Offer flexible packaging options:
Deploy popular and custom licensing models including trial, subscription, perpetual, seat-based and per-use licensing.

Capture Revenue Opportunities

Convert trial licenses into direct sales and create upsell and cross-sell opportunities to benefit you and your customers.

Offer trial licenses:
Enable potential customers to get a complete user experience and boost your product sales.

Track expirations and renewals:
Track delivery and activation status of licenses and get notifications for expirations and renewals.

Generate up-sale and cross-sale opportunities:
Identify products and services that deliver additional or complementary value to your customers.

Offer trial licenses

Minimize Revenue Leaks

Reduce lost revenue through licensing enforcement, IP protection and prevention of intentional or unintentional misuse.

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