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SafeNet OTP Display Card


Easily fitting into your wallet, the SafeNet OTP Display Card is an OATH-compliant two-factor authentication token designed in a convenient credit card form factor. With a press of a button, the SafeNet OTP Display Card generates a highly secure, unique one-time passcode (OTP) that is linked only to your card, providing a ‘what you have’ authentication factor for secure access to any enterprise resource, be it cloud, web portals, VPNs, custom applications or virtual environments.

The OTP generated by the card can be combined with other authentication factors , such as PINs or passwords and contextual attributes, to increase assurance levels and meet a variety of regulatory mandates.

Automated two factor authentication management and compliance

Synched with your user repository, the SafeNet OTP Display Card makes it easy to provision, update and revoke user permissions without manual intervention. A broad selection of templates and automated reporting facilitate security audits and compliance.

SafeNet OTP Display Card is available with:

  • SafeNet Trusted Access, a cloud access management service that offers single sign-on secured by granular access policies.


  • Easy to carry - fits into your wallet
  • Easy to use – press the button and get your OTP
  • Lifetime warranty – Warrant for the SafeNet OTP Display Card is provided for the entire life of the Gemalto subscription, including free replacement (excluding shipping to Gemalto facilities and any taxes). Like all Gemalto authenticators, the token never expires
  • Secure access to remote networks (VPNs), cloud (SaaS) applications, VDI, web portals and custom applications
  • Easy to manage with effortless back-end configuration, and automated administration workflows
  • Enables compliance with industry regulations requiring multi-factor authentication


  • OTP token in a credit card form factor
  • High readability ePaper screen
  • Time-sync configuration - OATH TOTP
  • Specifications



Token Build

  • Single-button display card
  • No PIN needed
  • High readability ePaper display technology

OTP Security Algorithm

Time-synced OTP - OATH T-OTP HMAC SHA1

OTP length

6 digits

Battery Lifetime

Five years


  • Case color and logo are customizable for large orders, min. 1k tokens
  • Serial number printed on the back

Supported Management Platforms

  • SafeNet Trusted Access
  • SafeNet Authentication Service – Private Cloud Edition (PCE)

Certifications and Compliance

  • OATH compliant
  • FCC
  • CE, UL, WEEE, RoHS
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • ISO 7810