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Software Usage Tracking & Reporting

Many companies invest great resources and funds in purchasing, developing and licensing the perfect software for their specific needs. Once the software has been implemented in the company, software usage tracking is essential. 

Software usage tracking, reporting, and monitoring is the process of analyzing employee or customer use of software programs. Usage monitoring allows companies to understand the use of software in order to become more efficient and eliminate unnecessary programs, tools, and features within specific software programs. Therefore, these usage tracking tools can help companies save money by removing unnecessary costs.

Usage monitoring and tracking also allows employers to understand their employees better. If certain employees are not using specific features in a software platform, this may be an indication that they are lacking certain skills or knowledge. This may also be a sign that these employees need more training. Additionally, companies will gain an understanding of how their employees use their time, which software tools they are using,  if they are focused on their work, and more. Software usage monitoring is essential in building an efficient, effective and smart team. 

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Key Benefits of Software Usage Tracking and Reporting

Software usage monitoring and tracking can give companies great insights into their employees’ work habits, skills, efficiency and more. In addition, companies can gain a greater understanding of their customers and maximize their customer service, efficiency, licensing automation, customer communication, and more.

  • Maximize Productivity and Security
    By using software usage tracking, employers can understand which pieces of software employees are using. This includes unapproved software downloaded to the computer which could compromise a company’s security. By using software usage tracking tools, you can remove unwanted software from a worker’s computer and therefore improve productivity.
  • Stay in Control of your Employees Software Use
    Using the correct tools, you’ll be able to identify how your employees are using the software on their computers and other devices. This includes which applications they are using, how long they are using them for, the cost to the company and more. Using this information, you’ll be able to understand if certain applications need to be changed, how and if your company is wasting money on software that is unnecessary.
  • Efficient Licensing Plans
    Even with the most efficient licensing plan, no company wants to waste unused licenses and funds. Software usage analysis and management allows companies to identify unused licenses and therefore eliminate them or make changes in future licensing plans according to their licensing agreement. Software usage tracking can also help to identify redundant pieces of software in a company (similar functions in different applications for example). This will allow you to make decisions on renewing licenses or software products in the future.
  • Information about Employees’ Knowledge and Skills
    Software usage monitoring allows companies to rearrange software assignments between employees depending on specific use. If an employee isn’t using software or an application due to insufficient knowledge, companies can discover this through software usage analysis and assign additional training. This information can also give insight into which departments or employees have a need for different types of features so that licenses can be assigned as specifically as possible.

Software Usage Tracking & Reporting with Sentinel Software Monetization Solutions

Here at Sentinel, our goal is to meet all of your company’s software needs, from licensing to tracking and analysis. Our software usage tracking tools are an integral part of our licensing packaging. This allows you to not only license easily but to analyze and manage your software all in one place. Our Entitlement Management Solutions allow you to maximize profits and productivity easily, within one software program.

With our Entitlement Management System, Sentinel EMS, you’ll be able to run your licensing system from one easy-to-use platform. The system is web-based and allows business owners to access software usage tracking, reporting, licensing options and more from one platform. Within the usage tracking and reporting tools, users can understand how features are being used in software, ensure compliance for paid licenses, evaluate business decisions such as pricing, and send user notifications. Users who choose to work with Sentinel LDK, will receive Sentinel EMS as part of their software usage tracking system.

Our users are also able to gain business insights, by specifically identifying licenses and plans that aren’t being used. This software allows companies to track entitlements, monitor activations and send user notifications. Our experience shows that getting to know your customers by licensing appropriately is one of the most important ways to succeed. Software usage monitoring will also help to identify revenue loss and make sure that users are renewing their packages on time.

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