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Secure VPN access

The need for VPN two-factor authentication and access management

In a decentralised IT environment, the organisational Virtual Private Network (VPN) is just one of several ways to access confidential network resources and critical business applications. Organisations are deploying core business applications and sensitive resources across a greater number of web-based, cloud-based and on premises servers.

At the same time, as employees are increasingly mobile and expect ‘anywhere’ access, organisations are looking to ensure network security with strong VPN authentication. Administrators are looking to enforce consistent authentication policies and user access controls on all corporate resources, while keeping their authentication solution flexible, cost-effective and easy to-deploy. 

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Complying with strong authentication mandates

Strong authentication is imperative for a sound, layered security strategy that mitigates against data breaches and enables regulatory compliance.

Learn more about how Thales' strong authentication solutions which enable you to comply with corporate and industry mandates:

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Strong Authentication for Secure Remote (VPN) Access - Solution Brief

Strong Authentication for Secure Remote (VPN) Access - Solution Brief

To accommodate flexible work arrangements, support traveling employees, retain expertise following office relocation, and keep pace with international work hours, organizations are coming under increased pressure to offer a secure VPN access strategy that allows users to...


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