Regulatory and industry association compliance

Evolving government regulations and industry mandates have created an increasingly complex compliance environment that increases financial and reputational risk for organisations around the world. Thales can help you enhance your security to achieve and maintain compliance and reduce your risk. Is your business fit for compliance?


Regulatory and industry association data privacy compliance solutions

Regulatory and industry association mandates are not new, but worldwide they seem to change daily. And for most organisations, the pressure, cost and effort required to sustain compliance have never been higher.

Organisations often embark on compliance projects that patch holes in the system, only to have to restart the process, when the next audit or mandate comes along. Thales can efficiently and cost-effectively help you enhance your data security to achieve and maintain compliance and reduce your risk.

Find your path to data compliance

Whether you face an audit or a new data security regulation or mandate, your organisation can leverage Thales’ suite of identity and data protection solutions to become compliant today and stay compliant in the future.

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Thales's data security platform provides everything necessary to protect data anywhere and in any state — at rest, in motion or in use.



Thales can provide to virtually any industry comprehensive data security solutions that don't sacrifice business agility.



Thales's comprehensive data security solutions help organisations meet industry and government compliance requirements around the world.