Your data. Their cloud.


Your data,
their cloud.

Take control of your security in the cloud.

2023 Thales Cloud Security Study

The study shows that organizations are operating in a dynamic multicloud landscape, demanding seamless and efficient access to on-demand IT infrastructure and services.

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How Thales Can Help

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Reduce Risk and
Improve Compliance

Identify and protect sensitive data anywhere on Hybrid IT , improving compliance and enhancing digital sovereignty.
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Streamline and Control
the Cloud

Simplify data security with platforms that reduce the complexity of multi-cloud deployments and give you control.
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Increase Agility and
Accelerate Growth

Increase speed of Dev-Ops by adding data security from the start Operate in secure clouds & deliver new, trusted digital services.

Maximize Cloud Benefit with Digital Sovereignty


Digital Sovereignty


S&P Global Market Intelligence outlines how a digital-sovereignty strategy can help build in privacy by design, and unlock the value of the cloud in every jurisdiction.



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Leverage the cloud without giving up control


Leverage the cloud without giving up control


Thales offers an integrated, comprehensive set of solutions that deliver unified capabilities for securing apps and data across all environments, including on-premises and multiple clouds.


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Increase DevOps Speed with CipherTrust Community Edition


CipherTrust Community Edition


CipherTrust Platform Community Edition protects data and files — and your velocity by automating data protection instead of forcing a new step in the development process


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Thales Cloud Security Solutions


How Thales Can Help Secure Your Data in Any Cloud

Flexibility meets security with AWS External Key Store



Developed with Thales, the AWS External Key Store combined with CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager enables organizations control of sensitive data throughout their digital transformation journey.


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Google Cloud Sovereign Controls by Thales



Thales and Google Cloud are committed to helping organizations enhance digital sovereignty while innovating and accelerating their digital transformation.


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Advanced Encryption with Microsoft Azure Key Management



Thales advanced encryption and centralized key management solutions give you protection and control of data stored on your premises, Microsoft Azure, and other cloud providers.


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Resources to Help You Take Control

Multicloud Data Security Strategies

Multicloud Data Security Strategies

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451 Research: Native vs. Third Party: Who Should Deliver Cloud Security?

451 Research: “Native vs. Third Party: Who Should Deliver Cloud Security?”

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4 Steps to Cloud Access Management - eBook

4 Steps to Cloud Access Management - eBook

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Analyst Insight on Data Security Platforms

Gartner® Report: 2024 Market Guide for Data Security Platforms

“Data security platforms (DSP) combining data security controls with business logic and fine-grained authorization lead to significant gains in efficacy and data security. This Market Guide informs security and risk management leaders of the definition, rationale and dynamics of the DSP market.” 

Download this report and learn more about how a DSP delivers most of the required components critical to enabling good data governance and optimized data security controls while preventing the exponential increase of data access and policy rules. 

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Additional Cloud Resources and Offerings

2023 Thales Cloud Security Study

The Challenges of Data Security and Sovereignty in a Multicloud World. The study results point to a set of challenges that organizations are facing in securing data in the cloud environments. They’re living in a multicloud world and need to be able to secure it effectively and efficiently. Data protection in the cloud must become simpler to manage to overcome issues with human error and misconfiguration.

Thales Helps One Of India’s Largest Private Banks Streamline Key Management Across Multiple Cloud Services

The organization is one of India’s leading private banks providing an array of diverse financial products and services to over 43 million customers.

Luna Key Broker for Microsoft Double Key Encryption (DKE)

Today’s remote working environment relies heavily on the collaborative sharing of information, challenging organizations to maintain the security of confidential data and regulatory compliance while driving employee productivity. 

The Case for Centralized Multicloud Key Lifecycle Management

Cloud consumption trends including multicloud consumption, growing amounts of data stored in the cloud with a significant portion being sensitive, and the realization that encryption is the best way to protect it, lead to an increasing number of data encryption keys across multiple clouds. 

Your Data. Their Cloud. Leveraging the Cloud without Relinquishing Control

This white paper looks at the factors driving the need to expand the use of cloud services, the critical security, privacy, and compliance objectives that organizations must address, and the core security capabilities required to leverage the cloud without relinquishing control.

Hybrid Thales Luna HSM Solution

As your organization embraces digital transformation, you need the flexibility to choose the right solutions to meet your business needs across on-premises, multi-cloud or hybrid environments, without being tied to a particular platform, solution or vendor. 

Your Data. Their Cloud.

Data security in cloud computing: Your data - their cloud security model, is a way for organizations to take control of security of their data, in the cloud.