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PKI and Credential Management


PKI and Credential Management Introduction

Controlling access is the heart of any enterprise security environment – making sure only those who have the appropriate permissions can access your data, enter your facilities, print a secure document, etc. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) uses key pairs and certificates to verify the identity of users and systems. The digital certificate links the name of an individual to their public key. In addition to the public key, certificates contains additional information, such as issuer, what it's supposed to be used for and any other type of metadata.

A PKI environment assigns a digital identity for all your employees and machines, allowing for secure access to data, networks and physical locations. The PKI environment includes Credential Management solutions for complete lifecycle administration of certificates and permissions.

PKI Management:

The need to securely and timely manage users and authenticators is important with any PKI-based deployment. Thales offers the most comprehensive identity access and Credential Management systems to administer, monitor and manage strong authentication deployments and digital signing across the organisation.

  • Full Credential Management throughout the certificate life cycle
  • Certificate-based and software authentication solutions and OTP
  • For enterprise deployments requiring life cycle management, provisioning of certificates and tokens for PKI-based strong authentication and digital signing

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  • Middleware
  • Authenticators
  • PKI for Mobile Workforce

Thales middleware enables strong authentication operations and the implementation of certificate-based applications such as digital signing, network logon and password management. Because not every organisation has the same needs, we have a full middleware client solution, as well as a lightweight minidriver option that is fully integrated on Windows.


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Thales's broad portfolio of PKI-based authenticators offers a variety of options including contact cards with a wide choice of card body options and contactless technologies, dual interface cards compatible with NFC and USB tokens and secure storage.


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The way people connect, communicate and work is changing as rapidly as the technology that drives it, but security can't be sacrificed for convenience. Thales's Bluetooth Smart solutions meet the demands of any device access, backed by the security of PKI using a single credential.


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Thales OneWelcome PKI/CBA and FIDO Authenticators

Thales OneWelcome PKI/CBA and FIDO Authenticators - Brochure

This brochure showcases the Thales OneWelcome PKI/CBA and FIDO Authenticator portfolio, featuring certificate-based smart cards and virtual smart card, certificate-based USB tokens, offering strong multi-factor authentication enabling organizations to address their PKI...

What is PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)?