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Cloud Encryption Solutions

Encrypt your data in any cloud environment

Cloud encryption solutions, combined with strong key management, give organisations the ability to protect sensitive data outside of their control as it is used, transferred, stored or otherwise shared in the cloud and multi-tenant environments.

With truly effective cloud data security, you can protect sensitive information – such as company financials, personally identifiable information and intellectual property – regardless of where the data resides or the solution you’re using within the SaaS, PaaS or IaaS cloud stack.

Find cloud data encryption solutions that meet your needs

When your data is in the cloud, or moving between the different environments your organisation supports, you need to move past silo-constrained encryption and deploy encryption centrally, uniformly and at scale.

With Thales's Cloud Data Encryption solutions, organisations can apply data protection where they need it, when they need it and how they need it – according to the unique needs of their business.


Cloud Encryption Trends

In two years' time, an average of 51% of all IT and data processing requirements will be in the cloud – an increase from today’s average of 39%.

Secure your data in motion across the cloud

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Secure your data in motion across the cloud

Thales High Speed Encryptors enable secure cloud connectivity. Proven high-assurance Layer 2 network security for your sensitive data, real-time video and voice, as it moves across virtual and physical networks, between data centres, to the last mile and up to the cloud and back again.

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Encrypt your virtual machine instances

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Encrypt your virtual machine instances

Thales ProtectV provides security and compliance across virtual and cloud-enabled infrastructure to secure sensitive workloads in the cloud, store confidential data and comply with industry regulations in controlled industries.

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Protect your files, folders and shares transparently in the cloud

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Protect your files, folders and shares transparently in the cloud

Thales ProtectFile is a cloud agnostic solution that works across cloud providers (AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, VMware) to encrypt files, folders and shares. Thales ProtectFile secures: SQL and NoSQL databases, big data (Apache Hadoop) implementations, DAS, NAS and SAN storage and other solutions such as SharePoint, Gemstone, CHEF, Docker and Office Tools.

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Secure your applications in the cloud

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Secure your applications in the cloud

Thales ProtectApp encrypts application data as it is created and keeps it secure across its entire lifecycle on-premises or in any cloud – no matter where it is transferred, backed up or copied. Since the data is secured so early in its life, it stays encrypted throughout its route to the cloud and even remains secure as data.

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Protect your databases in the cloud

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Protect your databases in the cloud

Thales ProtectDB transparently encrypts data at the column-level in multi-vendor database management systems located on-premises or in the cloud. Policy-based controls restrict column access to roles, users and time of day – among other variables – to preserve finely tailored data ownership even as it moves into cloud datacentres or is shifted from one cloud to another.

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Application-level tokenisation service

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Application-level tokenisation service

Thales Tokenisation protects high value information in databases located in the cloud by replacing it with a surrogate value – a 'token' – that preserves the length and format of the data.

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Key lifecycle management across clouds

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Key lifecycle management across clouds

Thales KeySecure provides scalable security for your route to cloud. Migrate data safely to the cloud, maintain full control and ownership of encryption keys and data and avoid fragmented key stores with a single, centralised enterprise key management platform. Thales KeySecure is a key management server that centralises the administration of cryptographic materials from across an organisation’s encryption infrastructure. Together with Thales KeySecure, you can also deploy a Thales Hardware Security Module as your root of trust on premises or in the cloud.

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Four Reasons You’ll Love Our Cloud Data Encryption:

secure cloud data

1. Strengthen security. Centrally manage and broadly deploy security policies to reduce the cost and effort of securing cloud services and managing the keys for disparate security solutions.

2 Ensure compliance and provide detailed audit trails. Encryption ensures that your data is unreadable even if breached. With a unified, cohesive view of cryptographic activity across your enterprise’s cloud-based and on-premises operations, organisations can much more readily track and comply with all relevant security and privacy mandates, dramatically reducing audit durations and costs.

3. Reduce security and IT costs. Leverage proven, repeatable and documented processes. With centralised, efficient processes for managing policies and cryptographic keys, both upfront cost and ongoing administration efforts are minimised whatever cloud you are using.

4. Increase IT and business agility. Adapt to changing requirements and challenges. Roll out quickly and effectively, taking advantage of the cloud’s agility to support your business objectives – without making any compromises in security.

Unshare and Secure Sensitive Data - Encrypt Everything - eBook

Unshare and Secure Sensitive Data - Encrypt Everything - eBook

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