Key Management

Key Management

Streamline and strengthen encryption key management on-premises or in the cloud.

Key management

Thales key management offerings streamline and strengthen key management in cloud and enterprise environments over a diverse set of use cases. Leveraging FIPS 140-2-compliant virtual or hardware appliances, Thales key management tools and solutions deliver high security to sensitive environments and centralise key management for your home-grown encryption, as well as your third-party applications. This gives you greater command over your keys while increasing your data security. Thales key management products connect with your applications through standard interfaces and deliver access to robust key management functions.

Thales key management include the following products:

CipherTrust Manager

Thales CipherTrust Manager provides centralised key lifecycle management and policy control, available in FIPS-compliant virtual and physical appliance form factors.

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Data Security Manager

Vormetric Data Security Manager is a data security appliance which enables centralised policy and encryption key management via its data security management console.

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CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager centralises key lifecycle management in multi-cloud, hybrid and enterprise environments.

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Enterprise key management

Enterprise key management solutions manage and protect keys on behalf of a variety of applications including database TDE, KMIP clients as well as all Thales data security platform solutions. The CipherTrust Manager is the central management point for Enterprise Key Management solutions as well as all other data security platform products.

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High security for sensitive data

Thales enterprise key management offerings leverage FIPS 140-2-compliant virtual or hardware appliances to create, deliver and retain high security encryption keys used to protect data. The CipherTrust Manager is available as either a hardware or a virtual appliance.

Simplify and reduce costs

Thales key management software solutions centralise key management for a wide variety of encryption environments, providing a single pane of glass for simplicity and cost savings – including avoiding multiple vendor sourcing. This unification gives you greater command over your keys while increasing your data security through stronger organisation of your keys.

Increase control over keys

Whether through strict enforcement of your key policies or fine-grained access control or generating keys using your own key source and exporting them to your cloud and enterprise applications, Thales enterprise key management products put you in command of your encryption keys.

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS Cloud Key Management

Take control and manage encryption keys with interoperability among Microsoft Azure Key Vault, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption and Amazon Web Services Key Management Services with CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager.

Key management for KMIP clients

Administer keys from Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) compliant encryption solutions from Cisco, Nutanix, NetApp, Dell Technologies, MongoDB and others.

TDE key management

Manage and securely store encryption keys for Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) from Oracle, Microsoft and IBM

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