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Thales access management and data protection solutions help governments around the world protect sensitive data.


National governments around the world and many of their member states and local jurisdictions have enacted laws regulating the data security of the personal, strategic and other sensitive data these governments hold. Government agencies and the organisations that work with them may be subject to breach disclosure notification and fines if they do not comply with digital security mandates. Thales provides solutions that help government agencies and organisations that work with them secure their data and comply with these laws.

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Government organisations face all the digital security challenges private and nongovernmental organisations face. However, the need to be trusted may well be more important for governments than for other organisations. In addition, the digital security of infrastructure, intelligence and military information can have life and death consequences for governments and their citizens.

Among the digital security challenges government IT people face today are:

  • Increasing digital security exposure brought on by digital transformation
  • Securing data on “third platform” technologies (e.g. social, mobile, cloud and analytics, big data, IoT, etc.)
  • Complex data environments
  • Sensitive data in multiple clouds
  • Foreign threats
  • Advanced persistent threats
  • Multiple attack vectors
  • Compromised credentials
  • Insider threats
  • DevOps security
  • Accomplishing more with less

Thales access management & authentication and data protection solutions help government organisations meet data security compliance requirements, facilitate security auditing, protect their citizens and avoid data breaches by protecting data across devices, processes and platforms on premises and in the cloud.

Access management & authentication

Thales’ access management and authentication solutions provide both the security mechanisms and reporting capabilities needed by government organisations to comply with data security regulations. Our solutions protect sensitive data by enforcing the appropriate access controls, when users log into applications that store sensitive data. By supporting a broad range of authentication methods and policy driven role-based access, our solutions help organisations mitigate the risk of data breach due to compromised or stolen credentials or through insider credential abuse.

Support for smart single sign on and step up authentication allows organisations to optimise convenience for end users, ensuring they only have to authenticate when needed. And extensive reporting allows organisations to produce a detailed audit trail of all access and authentication events, ensuring they can prove compliancy with a broad range of regulations.

Learn more about Thales’ access management & authentication solutions.

Data protection

Thales delivers the industry's most comprehensive and advanced data security for government organisations no matter where the data is. Thales data protection solutions discover, classify and protect the data through obfuscation technologies, such as encryption and tokenisation, so that even if the data is stolen, it is unreadable and useless to those who steal it. Thales data protection solutions include:

Learn more about Thales data protection solutions.

Meet cybersecurity standards

With Thales data access and security solutions, government organisations can achieve data security and protect information from data breaches across the enterprise, in the cloud and in big data environments. This enables these organisations to comply with worldwide standards and regulations for data security.

Thales data security solutions:

  • Meet compliance and best practice requirements for protecting data with proven, high-performance and scalable data protection solutions
  • Are quick and easy to install and use
  • Lower operational costs and capital expenditures while optimising staff efficiency and productivity by leveraging the breadth and depth of integrated Thales data security products and services

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