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Sentinel License Development Kit (LDK)

Protect your software with easy to use licensing

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Why license your software?

LDK is an easy-to-implement solution that puts you in control of how your customers use your software. Using the powerful licensing and entitlement solutions in LDK, you can implement flexible business models, become more customer-centric, and protect your IP. 

Take your business to the next level with Sentinel LDK
  • Suitable for small to mid-size enterprises looking for an out-of-the-box licensing solution.
  • Perfect for traditional software vendors or hardware companies transitioning to software-based revenue.
  • Customizable for either on-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment options.
  • Enables a single source of truth for hardware, software, and cloud-based licenses.

Sentinel LDK is a fully loaded software development kit that helps you efficiently manage your software licensing and entitlements.  After implementing LDK you'll be able to streamline the way you issue, track, and monitor licenses to ensure you are getting the best value from your customers.


Built-in Agility

  • Respond to rapidly shifting consumer demands
  • Test business models without building from scratch
  • Access data to make insightful decisions

Protect your profitability

  • Stop losing revenue to piracy/misuse
  • Increase the inherent value of your software
  • Save time and money with less manual work
  • Reduce the burden on development
Protect your profitability

Utilize new business models

  • Leverage any combination of hardware, software and cloud-based licensing from a single implementation
  • Balance protection and security with flexibility
  • Flexible licensing options include time-based, usage-based and subscription models
  • Make changes on the fly to respond quickly to market shifts

Secure your investment

  • Prevent unauthorized use and distribution of your software
  • Protect your competitive edge and intellectual property
  • Mitigate risks from reverse engineering with cutting-edge technology
Secure your investment

We needed to reduce the sales cycle and simplify our internal licensing processes so we could focus on our core competence.

Mr. Baha Ersin

COO, Herta
Sentinel LDK product brief

Sentinel LDK - Product Brief

A comprehensive, out-of-the-box software monetization solution that enables you to protect your software, maximize revenues and simplify operational processes.

key statistics

Based on award-winning technology, Sentinel has a strong global customer base with over 10,000 customers in over 100 countries across 30 industries.

14 M

Our customers see an average revenue increase of €14 million within the first 3 years of partnering with us.


They also save an average of €700,000 in operational efficiencies.

5 M

Put up to €5 million back on the table every year through our cost-saving and monetization solutions.
Source: Based on business value assessments conducted by Sentinel.

Software Protection Types

Hardware Based Licensing

  • Highest level of copy and Intellectual Property protection
  • Portable
  • Eliminate the need for installing device drivers on end user machines
  • Supports a wide variety of business models, form factors and customization options
Protect your profitability
Protect your profitability

Software Based Licensing

Sentinel SL

  • Virtual software-based keys built on Sentinel HL protection technology
  • Eliminate need to help ship a product
  • Enable end users to quickly install and use application
  • Ideal for software publishers who need flexible license delivery

Cloud Based Licensing

Sentinel CL

  • User-centric licensing enables users to access software from any device
  • Strong solution for VM and Docker Environments
  • Immediate license enablement and control
  • Can be enabled with existing Sentinel LDK implementations
Protect your profitability
Increase the value of your software while protecting your competitive edge with easy-to-implement and easy-to-use-licensing

Software Licensing Challenges

Delivering physical goods can be a challenge such as hardware keys. Having IT departments wait 2-3 days to get a security key can be troublesome.  Accessing office networks during a pandemic can be unreliable.

Advantages of Cloud Licensing

Cloud licensing has many advantages such as one identity of user, only one license will work at a time if they have installed on many machines which helps eliminate the need to activate the license on multiple devices; and thus helps eliminate piracy. It is also more secure and reliable.

For Independent software providers (ISVS), it also eliminates the need for shipping physical keys.

For Customers:  Using the product reliably when accessing their office network is a challenge, this helps eliminate the need to collect physical keys.

LDK with EMS:  Can sell the cloud service along with EMS so it reduces the need for IT departments to maintain servers or to get to the office. Being able to grand licenses through the cloud allows the product to be easier to use, consume, and be more reliable with this model of licensing.

LDK 8.0 Features

Cost Reduction, and increased efficiency, easy deployment in Linux, Windows, Mac, and cloud support. Consumes licenses anywhere, deploy them AWS, GCP, Azure, On Premise. Services for new and existing customers, replaces the vast IT efforts of ISVS

  • LDK aaS
  • Docker Support
  • Cloud Licensing

LDK with EMS Integration

Always updated, so security is always high

  • 99.5% Uptime
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Auto backup, patch management
  • Industry compliant Isc, Soc2, GDPR
  • Global Support 24-7
  • Security managed by Thales Group

Docker: Open Platform

The container, Run all machines

Benefits of using Docker:

  • ISV Cost reduction 
  • Increased R/D ISV Efficiency
  • Improved Deployment for Users
  • Application Isolation

Advantages of using new LDK Cloud Licensing

  • License mobility - can consume licenses from anywhere
  • Decoupling licenses from hardware - no more sl fingerprinting and secure storage issues
  • VM solution thats secure and fully agnostic
  • Docker Support - simple and effective Dock support
  • Easy for ISVs to implement - with no compromise on security, no code changes required, just replace licensing api library, envelope is fully supported
  • ISV has control of end-users licenses

Admin Control Center

  • Identity strings generation - Vendors can use ACC to produce identity strings for clients authentication, enable/disable, identities and or clients dynamically
  • Identity strings for clients - client ACC support identity strings (optional settings)
  • Limited access for specific licenses - Vendor can restrict access for clients to specific licenses based on license ID
  • Fingerprint for SL Keys - using admin control center on clients machine to generate fingerprint for SL Keys
  • Https Support - Improved security communication channel between client and server