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Sentinel LDK

Sentinel License Development Kit

Out-of-the-box Software Protection, Licensing,and Entitlement Management System

testimgSMRevampTier2Sentinel LDK provides your organization with a tailored and comprehensive software monetization solution. It allows you to implement flexible licensing and distribution models that increase the inherent value of your software. With Sentinel LDK, you can turn trial users into paying customers, let them pay per use, and give them the option of purchasing only those features and capabilities of your product that they actually need. At the same time, Sentinel LDK allows you to reduce revenue loss due to piracy and protect the intellectual property that provides your competitive edge in the industry.

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Whether you ship physical boxes, embed your software into high-tech devices, offer electronic delivery, or deliver your product as a service in the cloud, Sentinel LDK has you covered. Featuring Thales’s innovative and unique Cross-Locking™ technology, Sentinel LDK enables you to leverage any combination of hardware, software and cloud-based license keys.

Sentinel LDK Protection Types

Sentinel HL
HL Basic
HL Drive microSD
HL Max
HL Max-Chip

HL Max-Board
HL Max-Express Card
HL Max-Micro
HL Net
HL NetTime

HL Pro
HL Time
Sentinel SL

Sentinel LDK Features

Design Philosophy
Award-Winning Security
Sentinel EMS for LDK
Sentinel Envelope

Sentinel Insight
LDK Cross-Locking
Sentinel LDK Trialware

Sentinel License Models
Software Activation


  • Maximize Revenue - By preventing unauthorized use and or distribution of your software you ensure fair compensation for all use of your products and services.
  • Enhanced End-User Experience - Empowering end-users to manage certain aspects of their deployment not only reduces costs, but dramatically increases end-user satisfaction.
  • Business Agility - Make changes to your product packaging, licensing, and pricing models on-the-fly to respond instantly to new and evolving markets. 
  • Reduced Cost - Eliminate the packaging burden often carried by most development organizations and reduce manual, time-consuming support and customer service tasks.
  • Business Intelligence - Activation history and feature usage information helps drive business decisions


  • Protect Once, Deliver Many, Evolve Often™ design philosophy which separates business and engineering processes enabling software publishers to  maximize operational efficiency and business agility. 
  • Flexible Licensing options for supporting the industry’s broadest selection of business models from perpetual and time-based models to usage based and subscription plans.
  • Cross-Locking technology enabling software publishers to enforce their software licensing strategy with any combination of hardware- or software-based keys.
  • Award-Winning Security Features like Sentinel Envelope with AppOnChip, White-box Cryptography and many more for protecting applications from unauthorized use, distribution, tampering, and reverse-engineering.
  • Sentinel EMS, a centralized web-based platform which enables software publishers and their end-user to effectively manage their entitlements, from delivery and activation to lifecycle management and tracking. 
  • Secured Time-Based Licensing with Sentinel V-Clock which prevents time tampering without on-board battery for Real Time Clock.
  • Battery Depletion Alert when a Master or Developer key with nearly depleted battery is detected which guides on steps to order a replacement without any cost.
  • Managed Services for your convenience. Sentinel EMS can be hosted on Sentinel Managed Application Hosting Services which offers improved delivery, reliability and security.
  • Sentinel Insight providing detailed usage tracking and reporting resources for software publishers and their end-users.
Sentinel LDK - Product Brief

Sentinel LDK - Product Brief

Out-of-the-box Software Protection, Licensing, and Entitlement Management Solution

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