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Sentinel HL Max Micro

Big capability in a small form factor

sentinel HL max micro

Sentinel HL Max Micro gives you the same great capability as Sentinel HL Max at a fraction of the size.

The Max Micro is the perfect solution when you need a hardware token that won’t protrude from the USB port. From embedded devices to portable computers, Sentinel HL Max Micro enables powerful and secure licensing in a miniaturized form factor.

For details on all of the Sentinel HL variants and form factors, including technical specifications, please download the Sentinel keys datasheet.

Sentinel HL is a part of the Thales Sentinel LDK Licensing Solution

  • Sentinel HL is our pre-eminent software protection and licensing token, which incorporates the type of experience you would expect from decades as a market-leader in software protection.
  • Alongside software-based and cloud-based licenses, Sentinel HL forms the backbone of the diverse and flexible cross-locking capability of Sentinel LDK
  • With the complete entitlement management capability of Sentinel EMS and the advanced security features of Envelope, Sentinel LDK enables a comprehensive software protection and licensing solution for software vendors and device manufacturers.