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Sentinel HL Net

Sentinel HL Net is designed for networked environments with floating licenses and concurrency. The Sentinel HL key is connected to a license manager within the end customer’s network which can then enable multiple end customer applications.

Sentinel HL Net is no longer offered to new customers since network concurrency functionality is incorporated into the latest generation Sentinel HL keys.

For details on all of the Sentinel HL variants and form factors, including technical specifications, please download the Sentinel keys datasheet.

Sentinel HL is a part of the Thales Sentinel LDK Licensing Solution

  • Sentinel HL is our flagship hardware-based license offering, which combines with Software License (SL) and Cloud License (CL) to form the comprehensive cross-locking portfolio of Sentinel LDK.   
  • Coupled with the entitlement management capabilities of Sentinel EMS, Sentinel LDK provides software vendors and device managers with an easy to use, end-to-end software licensing solution.
  • With multiple license locking options, a feature rich product catalogue, and various activation and tracking options, Sentinel LDK ensures you have everything you need to effectively manage your entire product licensing lifecycle.