Gain Business Insights

Eliminate time-consuming manual software license management and generate meaningful business data and reports.

Anticipate Customer Attrition

Reduce customer flight-risks by identifying unused entitlements, non-activated licenses and unpaid subscriptions.

Track your entitlements:
Perform accurate asset management and gain visibility into what software entitlements are actually in use by your customers.

Monitor activations:
Know what licenses have been purchased and how many actual activations have been made.

Send notifications to users:
Easily keep your customers informed about license activations and upcoming expiration dates.

Identify Revenue Loss

Find out when software licenses are due to expire with up-to-date online reports and distribute automatic renewal notifications directly to your users.

Track license expiration:
Eliminate the complexity of manual tracking and gain complete visibility about upcoming license expiry dates.

Send renewal notifications:
Avoid time-consuming emails and telephone calls with automated notifications sent directly to your users.

Integrate licensing data into back office:
Associate licenses with contracts and purchase orders to ensure accurate and timely payments.

Track license expiration

Understand Your Customer!

Monitor the health of your business life-cycle with accurate licensing enforcement and entitlement management tracking capabilities.


Access software version data

Know which product versions are deployed, track legacy products and push latest versions to customers.


Track customer entitlements

Identify which entitlements are actually in use to ensure compliance and accurate “true-up” calculations.


Create licensing dashboards

Consolidate data into a single online dashboard with complete visibility for all products and versions.


Generate activation & entitlement reports

Get up-to-date information about installed software for any customer, product and version.

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Thales were able to show us that they had done this before

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Thales help us to harmonize the IT component of how we drive licensing

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