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Software Activation Tools with Sentinel LDK

Software Activation: A Truly Unique & Innovative Solution

Sentinel LDK features a software activation tool which allows software publishers to deploy their software over the Web or through traditional physical shipment of shrink-wrapped product.

Sentinel LDK’s Software Activation tool is unique because it is the only solution on the market that gives paying customers the ability to activate and use their software via the Internet with an electronic product key. This ensures that only legitimate, paying users are allowed to activate the software and offers publishers the ability to track who has activated software and the number of times they can activate it.

Software activation tools have traditionally enabled software vendors to assign a limited grace period in which the end-user may use the software-fully-functional or restricted-without activating it. During the grace period, end users can activate the product at a time that is most convenient for them.   Increase your operational efficiency, improve your customer satisfaction, gain business insights and capture more revenue opportunities today with our products.

Sentinel LDK features another unique innovation in that it is the only solution that enables a grace period for software protected with a hardware key. This means that software protected with a Sentinel HL key can be purchased and delivered over the Internet. The end user can immediately begin using the software, even as the Sentinel HL key is shipped. The Sentinel EMS API included with Sentinel LDK enables integration with your backend systems such as ERP or CRM.


  • Software Activation with a Sentinel SL Protection Key
  • Software Activation with a Sentinel HL Protection Key

When software-based Product Activation is chosen, the software is activated and can be used only after an internet transaction is performed. The end user electronically transmits a unique Product Key supplied by the software vendor, to a remote Sentinel LDK EMS Server and a Sentinel SL protection key containing license terms is sent back and installed on the end-user's PC-activating the software.


When hardware-based software activation is chosen, the software is activated and can be used in accordance with the license terms only after a Sentinel HL key is connected to the end-user's PC. Sentinel LDK’s innovative LicenseOnChip™ technology securely stores the license and its terms on the Sentinel HL key.