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SafeNet IDPrime Virtual


As organisations continue to move their business to the cloud, the need may arise for PKI authentication, data encryption and digital signing that can be carried out without a physical piece of hardware such as a token or USB. Thanks to SafeNet IDPrime Virtual that is now a possibility. Enable your cloud transformation securely by building on your current PKI authentication framework for cloud access. Increase mobility by allowing users to access enterprise apps with PKI credentials, from any device via VDI. And lower operational costs by replacing hardware smart cards with a virtual solution without that doesn’t compromise on security.

  • SafeNet IDPrime Virtual specifications
  • Technical specifications
  • Full crypto operations support
  • Import certificates
  • Generate certificates
  • Digital signing
  • Encryption and decryption
  • MS CAPI support by SafeNet Minidriver
  • PKCS #11 support by SafeNet Authentication Client

Key components

Server components

SafeNet IDPrime Virtual server

Delivered as a docker

SafeNet IDPrime Virtual server database

• MariaDB database
• MSSQL database
• MySQL database


• Protects SafeNet IDPrime Virtual database
• SafeNet Luna 7 Support

SafeNet Trusted Access (or 3rd party IDP)

Acts as an identity provider to authenticate users to the SafeNet IDPrime Virtual server

Client components

SafeNet Minidriver OR SafeNet Authentication Client (SAC)

PKI middleware/Minidriver

SafeNet IDPrime Virtual client

Launches the SafeNet IDPrime solution on the Windows client

Optional components

SafeNet IDPrime Virtual SDK

For developers who want to build proprietary apps

SafeNet IDPrime Virtual

SafeNet IDPrime Virtual - Product Brief

Cyber security adoption is booming, with record IT spending on security solutions for enterprises using on-premises as well as cloud and web-based services. Along with the proliferation of vendors and solutions comes also a rise in security breaches. One of the most successful...

A Global Bank modernizes its Authentication Framework with SafeNet IDPrime Virtual - Case Study

A Global Bank modernizes its Authentication Framework with SafeNet IDPrime Virtual - Case Study

A large international banking group has adopted SafeNet IDPrime Virtual, a virtual smart card solution developed by Thales, to extend their existing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) environment to modern IT use cases.