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Save significant amounts of money on deployment costs by turning mobile phones into 2fa

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Software-generated one-time passwords

Thales's SafeNet MobilePASS family of one-time password (OTP) software authentication solutions combines the security of proven two-factor strong authentication with the convenience, simplicity and ease of use of OTPs generated on personal mobile devices or PCs. By turning a mobile phone into a two-factor authentication device, organisations save significantly on hardware and deployment costs, while users benefit by not having to carry an additional hardware token around with them.

Access control for remote and local networks

Compatible with the broadest range of mobile clients, MobilePASS provides powerful identity protection and convenient access control for remote access systems, such as VPNs, Citrix applications, Cloud applications, Outlook Web Access, and Web portals. It also offers strong authentication for secure local network access.

Superior deployment and management

Offering automatic one-step installation and policy-based activation, which determines the token configuration, MobilePASS significantly reduces deployment complexities, IT administration overheads and costs when implementing strong authentication for thousands of users. Web-based self-service portals offer 24x7 support for users, further reducing help desk calls and overall true cost of ownership (TCO).

Optimised security

Sophisticated security capabilities, including standards-based activation and dynamic seeding, allow organisations to optimise the balance between ease-of-use and TCO without compromising on security. In addition, central management of MobilePASS alongside other SafeNet authentication solutions enables organisations to adopt a layered approach to security by deploying different authentication devices and methods for different groups of users.

SafeNet MobilePASS - Product Brief

SafeNet MobilePASS - Product Brief

Learn how your organization can save on hardware and deployment costs by turning a mobile phone into a two-factor authentication device with SafeNet MobilePASS. This one-time password (OTP) software authentication solution combines the security of two-factor strong...

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  • Features
  • Technical specifications

Policy-based token configuration

  • Time-sync and event-based OTP
  • Challenge response
  • Configurable PIN and token policy
  • Multi-domain support – allows several tokens to be deployed within the same MobilePASS app, and for each 'token' to be separately used to access different resources

Simple deployment

  • Automatic one-step installation and activation
  • Policy-based activation determines token configuration
  • BES one-click installation and activation

Advanced security

  • Highly secure standards-based activation
  • Dynamic re-seeding means organisations control their own seed data
  • Enables organisations to implement a layered security approach for different risk profiles
  • PIN protection
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 1* certified Crypto Library ensures security and integrity of MobilePASS cryptographic modules

SafeNet MobilePASS SDK

  • Allows optional end-to-end app branding 
  • Enables embedding OTP-based authentication within existing apps 
  • Supported programming languages: Java for Android, Objective C for iOS, and C++ for Windows desktop


  • Automated deployment and activation reduces IT administration and simplifies installation for end users
  • Streamlined management enables centralised and automated administration, provisioning, deployment and revocation
  • Superior software security mechanisms enable organizations to optimise the balance between TCO and security
  • Convenient, simple and easy to use for employees and customers
  • Complements SafeNet’s broad range of OTP and certificate-based authentication solutions, allowing organisations to tailor security to use cases and risk levels
  • Ensures compliance with local and international regulations

*Support may vary by platform



Supported management software

SafeNet Trusted Access

Supported operating systems

  • iOS, Android and Windows

Supported applications

  • VPNs – all leading vendors, e.g. Cisco, Check Point, IBM, etc.
  • VDI – all leading vendors, e.g. Citrix, VMware, AWS
  • SaaS applications – all leading vendors supporting SAML 2.0, e.g. GoogleApps, Office 365, SalesForce.Com, ZenDesk, ShareFile, RemedyForce, etc.
  • Web-based portals – all leading vendors, e.g. IIS, Outlook Web Access (OWA), SharePoint, ERP platforms, etc.
  • Local network access – all leading vendors, e.g. Windows, Oracle, IBM
*Supported integrations may slightly vary by platform

Security applications

  • Event OTP  - HOTP HMAC-SHA256
  • Time OTP - TOTP HMAC-SHA256
  • C-R - OCRA HMAC-SHA256