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Virtual Date Centre and Cloud Security

On-premise data centres typically rely on physical, perimeter and endpoint controls to secure data stores. In contrast, virtual data centres eliminate those traditional entrance and egress points, forcing organisations to take a new approach to security.

Thales delivers SafeNet virtual machine security solutions to enable your security teams to maintain cohesive information security throughout your organisation, from on-premises solutions, to virtualised environments, private, hybrid or public clouds. Secure your data in the cloud with encryption keys that only you can access—even if the keys are managed by a cloud service provider.

With SafeNet Virtual Machine security solutions, you can:

  • Control privileged users and super-admin access, especially in multi-tenant environments
  • Guard across unauthorised copying of your virtual machines instances
  • Facilitate secure cloud bursting across your cloud-enabled environments
  • Mitigate the risk of data exposure and address the most stringent data protection and compliance regulations

Explore our Virtual Machine Security Products:

Thales enables you to encrypt and secure the entire contents of your virtual machines, protecting sensitive assets from theft or exposure. Thales also offers hardened virtual key management appliances that enable organisations to establish a persistent, secure root of trust in highly dynamic virtual and cloud environments.

  • Key Storage and Life Cycle Management in the Cloud
  • Virtual Machine and Storage Encryption
  • Root of Trust in the Cloud with Hardware Security Modules
  • Secure Cloud Bursting

Safenet KeySecure: Scalable security for your route to cloud. Maintain full control and ownership of encryption keys and data in cloud-enabled environments and avoid fragmented key stores with a single, centralised enterprise key management platform, in a hardware or hardened virtual security appliance.

Additionally, SafeNet Virtual KeySecure is now available on AWS Marketplace, enabling you to unify encryption and control across virtualised and cloud environments. Improve your business agility and lower your costs by securely migrating even your most sensitive and highly regulated data to the cloud.

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SafeNet ProtectV provides full disk encryption of virtual machine instances so you can securely run even your most sensitive workloads or any highly regulated data in the cloud. Whether using Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer Cloud or VMware, SafeNet ProtectV ensures cloud-enabled security.

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Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provide a secure foundation for cryptography in the cloud because the keys never leave the intrusion-resistant, tamper-evident appliance. Since all cryptographic operations occur within the HSM, strong access controls prevent unauthorised users from accessing sensitive cryptographic material.

Crypto Command Center: HSM cryptographic resource provisioning delivers the security of hardware-based encryption with the scale, unified control and agility of cloud-enabled infrastructure allowing for accelerated adoption of on-demand cryptographic service across data centres, virtualised infrastructures and the cloud.

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SafeNet KeySecure: Encrypts your applications and information and gives you full control of the encryption keys so your applications and services stay secure as you move from the virtual data centre to the public cloud.

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"Thales SafeNet ProtectV is a complete, well-designed solution that runs seamlessly in AWS environments. ProtectV gives us a robust, well-defined process for protecting data, so we can effectively retain the control we need over our sensitive information, harnessing the business benefits of AWS cloud offerings securely."

Marcus Fritsche, CTO, Informa Group IT