Delegated User Management

Empower your business ecosystem with scalable administrative control

Easily delegate access management tasks

Enabling a diverse chain or hierarchy of external identities with access needs is crucial to achieving frictionless collaboration and optimal output. Our Delegated User Management app ensures secure, compliant management, supporting your entire B2B and B2C user groups, from customers to suppliers – and anyone in between.

What is Delegated User Management and how does it work?

Delegated User Management involves assigning specific roles and tasks to individuals or partner organizations within predefined boundaries, while maintaining security protocols and ensuring compliance.

The capability is part of the OneWelcome Identity Platform and provides flexible access management features that empower you to define roles and organize identities, and ultimately oversee access efficiently through delegation, entitlements, and customization options.

Delegated User Management makes it easy to tailor access levels and single sign-on for relevant applications, spanning both internal and external individuals. These are segmented into three user groups:

  • Power user: The power user sits in your organization and is responsible for effectively managing both the creation of a new B2B entity and defining the delegated manager.
  • Delegated managers: Delegated managers are appointed during partner organization onboarding to effectively manage their own users. They operate within organizational boundaries, simplifying user enrollment and access in a point-and-click manner.
  • Standard users: Users can be enrolled by Delegated Managers or invited to self-register. They can be provided access automatically or through a request/approval flow.

Benefits of Delegated User Management

Empower users

Empower non-technical users

Offer your users an intuitive, point-and-click method for modeling delegations, with no IT skills needed

Manage Growth

Scale with ease

Make it easier to manage the growth of partners with efficiency and scalability

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Enable customers or third-party users to grant access to resources without involving your IT

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Marco Venuti

Delegated User Management is more than just a technical solution; it's a strategic approach to managing digital identities.
Marco Venuti IAM Enablement & Acceleration Director Thales Read Marco's Blog

Which type of identity would you like to protect?

    B2B & Third Party Identities

    Empower IT to enable third-party users to gain access to data and applications from multiple systems using the same credentials.

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    Customer Identities

    Delegated management covers B2C needs such as consumer access and ‘family management’ access scenarios. It also enables G2C interactions, empowering citizens to delegate power-of-attorney for transactions. 

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    If we as a company have to keep track of the employees of our customers, it's going to be a huge task and it will always be outdated. What we needed was some way to delegate it to our client.
    Thomas Van Noort Manager, Business Development TVM Insurance Watch the Video

    Common questions about Delegated User Management

      Can I purchase the Delegated User Management app as a standalone?

      As Thales follows a modular approach to identity apps, the Delegated User Management app for the OneWelcome Identity platform can be purchased separately and seamlessly integrated into the customer's existing ecosystem.

      How will this affect my partner ecosystem management?

      Delegated User Management supports flexible organizational setups, accommodating both flat and nested hierarchies. This capability enables you to seamlessly integrate your partner ecosystem into the DM app, maintaining their existing hierarchy and structure.

      How does Delegated User Management impact security?

      Delegated User Management is designed with the aim of enhancing the security, compliance, and regulation of B2B identity management. As a result, customers utilizing Delegated User Management will experience improved control over their B2B identities.