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In B2B scenarios, where multiple organizations collaborate and exchange information, it is crucial to establish trusted identities for individuals belonging to different organizations. B2B Identity Management solutions enable organizations to authenticate, authorize, and provide access privileges to external users while maintaining security and compliance.

As a B2B IAM leader, Thales caters to all your B2B user groups, delivering unmatched security, scalability, and ease of use for seamless collaboration across your B2B ecosystem.

Achieve efficient collaboration across your network

Achieve efficient collaboration across your network

Streamline onboarding and log in. Make it easy for third-party users to on-board and off-board users.

Easily scale, secure and govern access while facilitating compliance

Easily scale, secure and govern access while facilitating compliance

Manage access and privacy for all users and prevent fraud and penalties while staying compliant.

Reduce admin costs

Reduce admin costs

Eliminate the cost of managing users who are not in your proximity by delegating user administration to your business partners.

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A Gateway to Seamless B2B Collaboration

Enterprises encounter persistent access and collaboration challenges among partners, suppliers, brokers and other third-party users. Our B2B IAM solution transforms this situation from chaos to calm, simplifying access while enhancing security across your entire B2B network.


Unlock success in the modern business landscape with B2B IAM

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Unlock success in the modern business landscape with B2B IAM

Key Capabilities of Third-Party and B2B Identity Management


Modernize your B2B identity management

Within your organization, modernize your B2B identity management systems to effectively streamline access control, ensuring secure and efficient collaboration among teams, while also enforcing consistent authorization policies at scale.

Delegated User Management

Give partners the right level of control and accountability. Empower external organizations to oversee and manage their own employees while you maintain oversight and save administrative costs.

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User Journey Orchestration

Provide a personalized onboarding experience based on the user persona. Simplify lifecycle management by automating provisioning across diverse backend and source systems.

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Externalized Authorization

Securely grant or restrict partner access to resources, data, and services based on predefined policies. Easily deal with ethical walls that companies might want to establish.

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Access Management

Manage all different applications and systems. The administration, reporting, (de)provisioning of access can be automated with better compliance.

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Improve B2B security

Liberate your B2B relationships from security concerns and foster deeper collaboration. By leveraging essential Identity and Access Management (IAM) components in the B2B login and verification processes, you can enable enhanced security measures and facilitate seamless cooperation among partners.

If we as a company have to keep track of the employees of our customers, it's going to be a huge task. And it will always be outdated. What we needed was some way to delegate it to our client.
Thomas Van Noort Manager, Business Development TVM Insurance
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Marco Venuti

When it comes to identity management, B2B resides at the most complex end of the spectrum. That’s because there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We are not merely discussing the lifecycle management of a single type of identity, such as customers or employees. Instead, we are faced with the challenge of effectively managing an array of diverse identities, from partners to gig workers and many more, each vital to your business, and each with its unique lifecycle and engagement requirements.
Marco Venuti IAM Business Acceleration Director Thales Group

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Frequently asked questions

    B2B interactions require specific capabilities. B2E (Workforce) access management solutions or IGA solutions do not address these specific needs. Thales provides capabilities like Delegated User Management, Externalized Authorization, and Consent & Preference Management that are tailor-made for B2B use cases.

    Typical B2C CIAM solutions do not meet the needs of B2B interactions, leading to a lot of custom development to achieve desired outcomes. B2B interactions require a lot more granular relationship management due to multiple or nested relationships. Multiply that with the complexity of fine-grained authorization, and organizations are likely to spend significantly more time to build the right set of B2B capabilities. This can often lead to much longer project durations and significantly higher TCO.

    Yes, the Consent & Preference Management module takes into account the data privacy needs of external users. The Delegated User Management also relieves the burden from your IT teams and puts it on your partner or supplier’s shoulders, where it belongs. This ensures that third-party access privileges are better-managed.

    Yes. Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform is based on a very modular structure where individual apps (capabilities) can be purchased separately. Explore our OneWelcome modules.

    Looking to manage other types of identities?