Gig Worker Identity and Access Management

Manage your extended workforce with ease, security, and compliance

Effortlessly and securely oversee your extended workforce

Handling the digital identities of temporary staff can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be. Flexibly onboard and manage your on-demand work relationships and their digital identities. Smoothen seasonal peaks by enabling temporary employees to enter and exit your workforce – securely, compliantly, and effortlessly.

Deliver efficient on-and-offboarding processes

Deliver efficient on-and-offboarding processes

Increase productivity and make it easy for seasonal and temporary workers to enter and exit your company.

Protect sensitive data

Govern access while facilitating compliance

Protect sensitive data, easily manage access and privacy for non-permanent workers.

Safeguard your business

Bring in temporary staff with the highest level of security

Safeguard your business with solutions that verify identities with the highest level of security.

Need help managing gig worker identities at scale?

Protecting and connecting Gig Identities

Our identity solution enables non-permanent staff to easily enter, exit, and return to an on-demand role - securely and seamlessly. Thales's cloud-first identity platform facilitates and protects temporary workers and their digital identities, helping enterprises accelerate growth during seasonal peaks.

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Protecting and connecting Gig Identities
RGF Staffing: Efficient & Secure HR Portal Access

With the IAM solution from Thales, easy and safe access to our communication and information platform becomes more robust and efficient.
Wendy Zwaaf-Hoogland General Manager of Online Services RGF Staffing Read the Case Study

Ensure effective and secure on-demand work relationships


Modernize your identity administration

Streamline access control and enforce consistent authorization policies to drive and scale collaboration:

User Journey Orchestration

Provide a personalized onboarding experience for temporary staff. Simplify lifecycle management by automating provisioning across diverse backend and source systems.

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Improve Gig Worker security

Liberate your gig worker relationships from fraud concerns. Verify and authenticate gig worker identities with the utmost security measures in place:

Make IAM Easier

See how we can help you secure gig worker identities

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Danny de Vreeze

When it comes to managing your gig workers’ identities, you’ve got to strike the right balance between protecting your company’s assets (security) and allowing your workforce to use the resources and systems they need (access) to be successful and profitable.
Danny de Vreeze Vice President, Identity and Access Management Thales

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