Identity Verification (IDV)

Seamless and secure digital onboarding with one cloud-based platform for IDV and Identity Proofing

Elevate your digital onboarding

To ensure a frictionless onboarding experience for new customers, financial institutions (FIs) must establish the right security measures when gathering and validating identity documents. When coupled with our platform's User Journey Orchestration and Consent/Preference Management tools, banks and FIs can provide the best possible digital onboarding experience to their end customers.

Comply with Regulations

Comply with Regulations

Implement essential security mechanisms, complying with stringent regulations such as KYC, AML, Directive v5 and v6, PSD2, and more.

Maximize User Experience

Maximize User Experience

Optimize the onboarding experience for maximum customer ease and convenience.

Cultivate Unparalleled Security

Cultivate Unparalleled Security

Minimize identity theft and fraud with advanced identity affirmation capabilities for a higher level of assurance.

Need help managing identity verification at scale?

80% of consumers

expect a fully digital onboarding experience. This is no longer a nice to have, and setting up your digital onboarding journey with the right set of tools is critical.

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What is Identity Verification?

Identity verification, sometimes referred to as identity proofing or identity affirmation, is the process of confirming an individual's claimed identity. It involves gathering and validating personal information through various means like official documents or biometric data. This process is crucial in preventing fraud and illicit activities in the contexts of online transactions and access. Authentication methods such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning will enhance the verification process.

Learn how the onboarding services of the Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform can support you across all these areas, all within a single, user-friendly platform.

Identity Verification


How does Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform’s Onboarding service work? A four-step method to prevent fraud

Our cloud-based managed services offers identity-proofing to secure onboarding. Risk management further increases security and enhances the customer experience with identity affirmation. The Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform risk management services use four layers of intelligence to confirm identities and authenticate based on risk. These layers analyse user and environmental activities from different angles to spot high risks before any harm occurs. This helps ensure that you're identifying trustworthy consumers based on their online actions.

These intelligence layers create a dynamic profile of each event that protects customers and businesses and allows fraud detection in banking.

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Identity verification 4 step diagram

Identity use case

Customer Identity Verification

Verify new and existing customers with the highest level of security. Introduce seamless and secure authentication controls by leveraging biometrics, document verification, and risk analysis.

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AI is redefining Identity Verification

In the age of Generative AI and widespread deep fakes, protecting against manipulation depends on trusted Identity Verification and Affirmation solutions, such as Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform's Onboarding service.

Danny de Vreeze

The integration of AI in identity verification is set to redefine security protocols. AI's ability to process vast amounts of data and recognize patterns has far-reaching implications for identity verification. This evolution will require a strategic rethinking of current security measures.
Danny de Vreeze Vice President, Identity and Access Management Thales Read the Blog

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Frequently asked questions

    The Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform’s Onboarding service employs advanced methods of document reading, facial verification, behavioral biometrics and Risk Management capabilities to ensure secure identity verification and proofing.

    Yes, the Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform’s Onboarding service is designed to seamlessly integrate with various systems and platforms, offering flexible and scalable solutions tailored to your needs.

    The Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform’s Onboarding service complies with industry regulations and requirements such as KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering), GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and more, ensuring regulatory compliance and data protection.