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Identity as a Service

Secure management of cloud identities 

As-a-Service delivery of cloud SSO secured by granular access policies.


Identity as a Service for Cloud Access Management

Securing and managing cloud identities is central to an enterprise’s IAM strategy. Without a centralised, iterative process for cloud identity management, organisations cannot build a sound cloud adoption strategy. Identity lifecycle management becomes inefficient, password resets lead to high help desk costs and IT require multiple consoles to troubleshoot users. Plus, compliance risk increases as IT lack visibility into who is accessing what and when.

Identity as a Service lowers management overheads by offering:

  • Centralised cloud identity lifecycle management for provisioning, updating and revoking cloud access permissions
  • Cloud Single Sign On for easy cloud access to all cloud apps with a single identity
  • Better-than-homegrown security, including industry-vetted protocols and algorithms and a hardware-based root of trust for securing sensitive data
  • As-a-service efficiencies that offload day-to-day operational overheads, such as security patching, backing up data and maintaining hardware/software compatibility
  • Quick time to value


Safenet Trusted Access – Cloud Access Management Service

Safenet Trusted Access is a cloud-based access management service that combines the convenience of cloud single sign-on with granular access security.

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