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Employees need access to a growing mix of cloud resources, from productivity tools to secure firewalls. But managing access across hybrid and cloud environments can be complex. Workforce Identity and Access Management (IAM), a system for managing user access and identities, provides a secure and efficient way to navigate this challenge.

Our Workforce IAM solutions let you centrally manage user identities, control access to resources, and ensure a seamless user experience - all while strengthening security.

Increase productivity and reduce costs

Increase productivity and reduce costs

Allow employees to access modern applications that boost productivity, while reducing burden on IT for granting and managing access.

Build a Zero Trust posture

Build a Zero Trust posture

Leverage adaptive access capabilities to enable the right access for the right user at the right time.

Ensure a compliant enterprise environment

Ensure a compliant enterprise environment

Ensure compliance to regulation requiring MFA as a core requirement.


47% of employees

find working from home boosts productivity, but 36% struggle to access their resources remotely.

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Improve security, productivity and process agility with Workforce Identity and Access Management

Enhance employee experience across hybrid, remote, and on-premises environments by empowering your digital workforce to effortlessly operate in the cloud. Equip them with essential capabilities that safeguard their digital identities.


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Partner with Thales to streamline access management and authentication, cut costs, and steer clear of IT vendor lock-in while accessing cloud and hybrid environments.

Access Management


Thales Authenticators addresses numerous use cases, assurance levels, and threat vectors, leveraging both current and emerging protocols (OTP, PKI, FIDO) as well as multiple form factors (hardware and virtual smart cards and tokens, software and mobile authenticators).

SafeNet Trusted Access

SafeNet Trusted Access, our cloud-based workforce IAM service, will help you deliver intuitive and secure authentication journeys. Accelerate your cloud transformation, secure hybrid infrastructures, reduce the risk of shadow IT, and make work life easier.

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Expert Insights - Top Solution Q1 2024

Expert Insights Rating

4.8 out of 5 stars

"SafeNet Trusted Access is a trusted enterprise identity and access management solution that enables highly secure, cloud-based single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. Granular, scenario-based access policies are the highlight of this solution, delivering advanced security while ensuring granular flexibility and control over authentication workflows."

Danny de Vreeze

The relationship between trust and user experience is the foundation of successful online interactions. The imperative is clear: organizations must uphold an unwavering commitment to both data security and user experience to build a future where trust enables digital interactions.
Danny de Vreeze Vice President, Identity and Access Management Thales

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