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Software Licensing Professional Services

As a software publisher, maximizing profitability hinges significantly on how well your license models meet the needs of the market and of your business.

A well constructed and effective licensing implementation will:

  • Give your customers the tools they need to operate within the terms of their license agreements.
  • Help your sales teams more easily meet their revenue targets by limiting unauthorized and inadvertent over-deployment. 

However, developing an end-to-end licensing architecture that meets your business goals while also ensuring a clean customer experience, is often more complex than licensing project-leads expect. Realizing the full potential of a licensing system requires well -thought-out business objectives and the involvement of multiple stakeholders across the organization, from product management and engineering to operations and even sales.

A highly-effective licensing system requires a vision, a plan, an understanding of best practices, attention to detail, managed execution, and regular oversight.

Your Software Monetization Vision

We understand that licensing is unique for every organization, each with their own distinctive business goals and custom business processes. We also find that more often than not, the challenge in making licensing work is not technical; it has more to do with the intricacies of business integration and project management. Nobody understands this better, or can offer more real-world licensing process design and system implementation experience, than Thales Sentinel’s team of Software Licensing Consultants and Implementation Professionals.

Defined. Designed. Delivered.

Whether you struggle with an existing implementation or aim to devise a new software monetization strategy, Sentinel offers a full suite of professional services in three categories – including system discovery & design, technology implementation & integration, and ongoing system assessment & optimization.

The mission of our Professional Services team is to define and deliver the right licensing and entitlement management strategy for every client, every time.

  • Discovery & Design Services
  • Implementation & Integration
  • Assessment & Optimization
  • About Us

Discovery & Design Services

discoveryWhether you’re new to software licensing, already in the midst of a project, or about to embark on a new software licensing project, Sentinel will provide dedicated Software Licensing Consultants to lead an internal assessment of the business goals for your licensing system and go on to use these goals to define an actionable licensing strategy.

You will find Sentinel’s hands-on approach to be deeply focused on your customers, your business processes, and your organizational needs.

Software Monetization 101

Intended for software publishers completely new to software licensing, Sentinel offers a series of on-demand webinars and white papers created by our Software Licensing Consultants. These assets are designed to outline the scope and impact of licensing within an organization and then provide best practices for kick-starting your licensing process.

Strategy Development & Architecture Design

Intended for software publishers in the midst of building or rebuilding their licensing strategy, this business process design and consulting service provides clients with a conceptual road map for their licensing needs. Throughout the course of this onsite session a dedicated Software Monetization Consultant will help identify the core objectives for your licensing implementation, gain a thorough understanding of your company’s unique business and operational processes, and then provide a comprehensive blueprint for how to most effectively integrate licensing into your organization. These consulting engagements are custom built for each client and range from educational seminars to deep-dive system and business process design.

Implementation & Integration

implementationOnce the business objectives of a licensing project are agreed upon and the solution architecture is established, it is time to execute! With the insight gained from many years of successful implementations, our team is dedicated to helping you fine tune your license enforcement and management technologies in order to achieve an end-to-end licensing implementation tailored to the customer, operational, and business requirements unique to your organization.

Led by a project manager dedicated to your account, Sentinel’s team of Software Monetization Consultants will first gain a thorough understanding of your organization’s business objectives, internal processes, various back office systems, and technical requirements. Armed with that information, the team will deliver a technical design for your licensing system and will work with your internal stakeholders to deliver the work required to bring your vision to life.

JumpStart and JumpStart Express

Introducing any new system into an organization’s operating processes is difficult; why not make sure you get it right the first time? Intended for new Thales Sentinel customers, the two variations of this implementation service provide clients with installation, configuration, training, and deployment assistance for their licensing and/or entitlement management implementation and go-live efforts. 

Jumpstart Express focuses on the product installation process and is intended to ensure a smooth, out of the box deployment experience.

For more detailed product configuration, user training, and data modeling Thales Sentinel offers a more comprehensive Jumpstart package. Variations of this service are available for Sentinel EMSSentinel LDK, and Sentinel Up customers.

Back-Office Integration

Most organizations have established order processing and fulfillment systems in place. Tight integration with these back-office systems is a critical factor in the success of any licensing implementation. This service provides clients with a team of experts who specialize in the creation and implementation of the necessary customizations, extensions, and plug-ins to ensure seamless integration between their Sentinel licensing system and other relevant back-office systems such as CRM, ERP, and more.


The purpose of the MySentinel service is to customize and personalize the Thales Sentinel products to suit your unique licensing needs and established workflows. This allows you to grow your business and achieve the maximum return on your Sentinel investment.

With MySentinel service, you get a solution customized to your needs without the time and expense of developing a “custom” solution from the ground up. We create the appropriate modules and extend the user interface to adapt Sentinel to your unique environment – resulting in a solution perfectly matched to the needs of your organization.


Assessment & Optimization

assessmentSoftware licensing is an ongoing process. Business models are constantly evolving and customer demands are always increasing. Many software publishers have an existing licensing strategy in place but may find it expensive and difficult to manage, lacking in functionality, or incapable of adapting to new business goals.

Sentinel’s Software Licensing Consultants specialize in system design and optimization. Whether you know how your licensing strategy needs to evolve or you just know there is a broken process somewhere, a Sentinel Licensing Consultant will clarify your organization’s new or additional business goals for licensing, conduct an assessment of your existing licensing processes, and then define an actionable plan for evolving your licensing strategy.

Implementation Security Assessment & Optimization

Achieving and maintaining the highest level of security against unauthorized use, distribution, and manipulation of software is a never-ending task. This service provides clients with the ability to gauge the security of their existing licensing implementation. 

Once the security assessment is completed clients receive a detailed vulnerability report highlighting areas of weakness and recommendations for improvement.

Implementation TuneUp

Just as our clients are constantly improving their offerings, Thales is always developing and delivering new features for the Sentinel portfolio of Software Monetization Solutions. Intended for existing Sentinel customers, this service is designed to help ensure clients are taking advantage of all that their Sentinel implementation has to offer. This service includes an assessment of the existing licensing implementation as it relates to every level of the product lifecycle, and a comprehensive set of recommendations for how to improve the implementation to save time, reduce costs, enhance customer experience, and improve security. 


Expert Software Licensing Consultants and Implementation Professionals

Thales’s Software Licensing Professional Services Organization features the industry’s most sought after software licensing system design, implementation, optimization, and management experts. The Thales Sentinel team of Software Licensing Professional have been trusted by the world’s largest software and technology vendors to define, design, and deliver some of the industry’s most sophisticated licensing Ecosystems.

Each of Sentinel’s Software Licensing Professionals bring an unparalleled amount of experience designing, launching, and managing some of the industry’s most complex licensing systems that manage millions of installed software seats including enterprise-level development tools from IBM Rational and Telelogic as well as CAD/CAM solutions from PTC.

Our team of Software Licensing Professionals fully understands the need to focus on integrating your licensing solution into your business processes in a way that serves the myriad of organization needs across your enterprise, and specializes in designing overall licensing solutions and sustainable programs.

They are experienced with providing solutions to ISV’s operating in various market segments and around the world, and have delivered a wide range of customized technical solutions using a variety operating systems, development platforms, and interface protocols. Thales is proud to guide software and technology vendors through the entire life of their licensing project.

Contact your Sentinel representative today to request a no obligation phone consult and find out how our licensing professional service team can help your organization.

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