What is data center interconnect (DCI) layer 2 encryption?

What is data center interconnect (DCI) layer 2 encryption?

Layer 2 is the data-link layer specified by the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, which standardizes the functions of telecommunications and computing systems around the world.1 Layer 2 encryption secures information at the data-link level as it is transmitted between two points within a network2.

Challenges with Unencrypted Network Data

  • Cybercriminals can “eavesdrop” on unencrypted data traveling over a network. This compromises privacy and makes it possible for these criminals to modify or substitute data to stage more sophisticated attacks.
  • Many industry mandates require protection for data in motion, so organizations that do not implement this protection risk fines and being required to disclose data breaches.
  • Depending on the application, encryption capabilities embedded in routers and switches may not offer the combination of security and performance enterprises need.

Advantages of Layer 2 Encryption

Layer 2 encryption protects data in transit, so it is useful when the transmission line is not secure. But, because the message is decrypted at each host in the transmission path, Layer 2 encryption is best suited for systems in which every transmission host is secure.3

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