What is the Cloud Controls Matrix?

What is the Cloud Controls Matrix?

While organizations have realized the benefits of cloud computing, many are still defining their long-term cloud security strategies and adapting to changing business requirements. The Cloud Security Alliance's (CSA) "Cloud Controls Matrix" can help you define your requirements when developing or refining your enterprise cloud security strategy.

According to the CSA:

The Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) is specifically designed to provide fundamental security principles to guide cloud vendors and to assist prospective cloud customers in assessing the overall security risk of a cloud provider. The CSA CCM provides a controls framework that gives detailed understanding of security concepts and principles that are aligned to the Cloud Security Alliance guidance in 13 domains. The foundations of the Cloud Security Alliance Controls Matrix rest on its customized relationship to other industry-accepted security standards, regulations, and controls frameworks such as the ISO 27001/27002, ISACA COBIT, PCI, NIST, Jericho Forum and NERC CIP and will augment or provide internal control direction for service organization control reports attestations provided by cloud providers.1

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