Why do you need Zero Trust security?

Why do you need Zero Trust security?

Data breaches are expensive in terms of reputation, repeat business and government penalties. Implementing a Zero Trust network reduces your risk of a data breach and secures apps and data in the cloud.

When users access business data and / or services, they expose their company to threats – even if the users are operating within a VPN onsite. A Zero Trust security framework minimizes vulnerabilities within a corporate network by limiting the user’s access to only the segments approved for the user – not the entire contents of the VPN.

At the same time, applications are being delivered from the cloud, outside of the traditional enterprise data center, and the majority of users are working remotely outside of an established security perimeter in an office building.

The Corona Virus pandemic has been extremely disruptive and users are likely to be distracted and less security-focused. Zero Trust security provides a safety net to maintain a high level of security without relying on a physical location to authenticate access to the applications and databases a user is authorized to access.

Users want to access everything from anywhere on whatever device they choose. Users are focused on convenience, not the need to meet regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS and HIPAA – but the company must meet regulations or face stiff penalties. A Zero Trust framework enables users to do their jobs and reduces risk for the enterprise.