What is Multi-Cloud Key Management?

What is Multi-Cloud Key Management?

IaaS/PaaS- and SaaS-provider encryption enables enterprises using cloud providers to secure data at rest with encryption across their cloud workloads without compromise to business functionality. Thales CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager adds controls that enable organizations to help meet compliance and best-practice requirements by generating, storing, managing and maintaining data encryption keys within a secure environment.

In order to meet compliance mandates, data residency requirements and best practices, enterprises using cloud provider encryption may need to address some additional requirements for managing keys:

  • Encryption key material storage separated from key usage locations
  • Customer management of key creation, rotation, deactivation and destruction
  • Separation of duties for key management based upon organization and locale
  • Auditing of encryption key management, usage and access

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager enables organizations to easily meet these requirements, while making use of vendor encryption while simplifying encryption key management tasks.

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