What is Transparent Encryption?

What is Transparent Encryption?

Encryption is a process that uses algorithms to encode data as cyphertext. This cyphertext can only be made meaningful again, if the person or application accessing the data has the tools (encryption keys) to decode the cyphertext. So, if the data is stolen or accidentally shared, it is protected because it is indecipherable. While the meaning of “transparent” may differ from provider to provider, Vormetric Transparent Encryption manages encryption and access to the encryption keys to make the overall process “transparent” to the user. This means the credentialed data user isn’t even aware the data was encrypted before he or she retrieved it from storage or that it is encrypted again when returned to storage. Vormetric Transparent Encryption is a Thales product.


Encryption is a recommended best practice for almost all compliance and data privacy standards and mandates, including PCI DSS, HIPAA/Hitech, GDPR and many others.

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