What is DEFCON 658?

What is DEFCON 658?

The UK Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) DEFCON 658 aims to protect the defence supply chain from cyber threats and applies to organisations that are suppliers or wish to become suppliers to the MOD on contracts that handle MOD Identifiable Information (MODII).

DEFCON 658, which took effect in October 2017, is a procurement protocol on cybersecurity that requires all suppliers to Defence who bid for new contracts that necessitate the transfer of MODII to abide by DEFCON 658 and meet the standards mandated in DEFSTAN 05-138. Notably, adherence to DEFCON 658 extends to the supply chains (sub-contractors) of the suppliers themselves.

Where DEFCON 658 applies to all suppliers throughout the MOD supply chain where MODII is involved, organisations that do not adhere to its requirements will not be able to participate in MOD contracts.

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