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Sentinel License Development Kit (LDK)

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Protect your revenue from day one

Increase the value of your software while protecting your competitive edge with easy-to-implement and easy-to-use-licensing.

Thales Sentinel LDK sets the standard for software protection and monetization that balances security and flexibility.

Protect your profitability

  • Stop losing revenue to piracy/misuse
  • Increase the inherent value of your software
  • Save time and money with less manual work
  • Reduce the burden on development
Protect your profitability
Utilize new business models

Utilize new business models

  • Balance protection and security with flexibility
  • Flexible licensing options include time-based, usage-based and subscription models
  • Make changes on the fly to respond quickly to market shifts
  • Offer a mix of hardware- and software-based licensing

Secure your investment

  • Prevent unauthorized use and distribution of your software
  • Protect your competitive edge and intellectual property
  • Mitigate risks from reverse engineering with cutting-edge technology
Secure your investment

“We needed to reduce the sales cycle and simplify our internal licensing processes so we could focus on our core competence.”

Mr. Baha Ersin

COO, Herta
Sentinel LDK - Product Brief

Sentinel LDK - Product Brief

Out-of-the-box Software Protection, Licensing, and Entitlement Management Solution

key statistics

Based on award-winning technology, Sentinel has a strong global customer base with over 10,000 customers in over 100 countries across 30 industries.

14 M

Our customers see an average revenue increase of €14 million within the first 3 years of partnering with us.


They also save an average of €700,000 in operational efficiencies.

5 M

Put up to €5 million back on the table every year through our cost-saving and monetization solutions.
Source: Based on business value assessments conducted by Sentinel.