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Award-Winning Security with Sentinel LDK

The Industry’s Most Secure Copy Protection Solution

For software publishers delivering physical or electronic copies of their application to end users, the ability to prevent unauthorized use or re-distribution is a critical component to achieving maximum profitability. To ensure that software vendors get paid for every software copy being used, Sentinel LDK employs the industry standard 128-bit AES encryption algorithm. This creates a robust link between the software application and the Sentinel Protection Key - preventing software piracy and ensuring that the only use of the application is authorized.

Copy protection with Sentinel HL hardware-based licensing. License logic embedded in the Sentinel HL keys ensures that licenses are hardware secured and tamper resistant by employing Sentinel LDK’s patented LicenseOnChip™ technology. At run-time, the protected software sends encrypted strings to the Sentinel HL key and, in return, the key decrypts those strings and produces a unique response that cannot be imitated.

Copy protection with Sentinel SL software-based licensing. Sentinel SL is a virtual protection key that is installed and stored on the end-user device. Sentinel SL creates a hardware fingerprint from the end user’s hardware to bind the license to the specific device and prevent piracy.

Sentinel LDK also leverages White-Box cryptography, ensuring that the communication channel between the protected application and the protection key cannot be replayed, and, therefore, omitted from the overall protection scheme. White-Box cryptography takes into consideration that the potential attacker can trace the protected application and the run-time in search of the encryption key. With this assumption as part of the design, the AES algorithms and encryption keys are replaced with special vendor-specific libraries that implement the same encryption but embed the encryption key as part of the algorithm in a way that ensures it is never present in the memory and cannot be extracted by an attacker.

Strong Intellectual Property Protection

In an increasingly competitive software industry, the ability to protect your software code from prying eyes, manipulation, and theft is critical to ongoing financial success and competitive positioning. This is why Sentinel LDK offers a secure envelope solution, Sentinel Envelope, to ensure software code is safe from exposure while en-route to its end-user destination.

The Sentinel Envelope is an automatic file wrapper that provides robust Intellectual Property (IP) protection against reverse engineering through file encryption, code obfuscation, and system-level anti-debugging. The Sentinel Envelope creates multiple random layers of protection for each file it protects making it extremely complex and time consuming for hackers to remove.

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